It Moves! Kinetic Korvair Kutaway

Start the video, then pause and click on the 3D icon in the YouTube player’s menu bar to select between 2D and your choice of 3D formats.

With its many Hudsons and Kaiser-Frazers on display, and the museum’s affiliation to Ypsilanti’s annual Orphan Car Show, you might think that all the Corvairs and Corvair artifacts on display at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum are there because the model was abandoned by Chevrolet. Actually, Corvairs are represented at the museum because they’re a part of Ypsilanti’s automotive heritage – they were assembled at the Willow Run assembly plant. In addition to some very nice examples of Chevy’s “poor man’s Porsche”, the museum also has a very unique piece of Corvair memorabilia. It’s a still functioning moving cutaway of a complete turbocharged Corvair powertrain, apparently made by Chevy for the auto show circuit. All the appropriate parts spin or reciprocate, you can see the pistons go up and down, the rocker arms rock, and the turbocharger and cooling fan spin. The wheels roll on eccentric drums so they go up and down as well, demonstrating the Corvair’s independent rear suspension. With visible camber changes as the tires go up and down, this was obviously based on a pre-1965 model, fitted with swing arms. When you’re shooting 3D, there are some things that you have to get when you’re at a car show, museum or event. Cutaway engines are de rigueur. A moving cutaway becomes a must video shoot. Shooting something inside of a display case is never ideal, but I think you’ll enjoy the 3D.

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