Look At What I Found!: Avanti II

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You never know where or when you’ll see a car worth noting. My mom fell and broke her wrist and I was taking her to physical therapy, intending to drop her off and attend a funeral. The cemetery wasn’t very far from the medical center, actually right on the way. On the way to the therapist I passed an Avanti II, one of the continuation cars that South Bend Studebaker dealer Nate Altman built. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to take some pics, but when I got to the funeral I noticed that whoever was driving the Avanti was also paying their respects to the deceased, my cousin’s mechutan. I wasn’t sure of the propriety of photographing a car at a funeral but I’ve shot in cemeteries before and how many times are you going to see an Avanti? Only a few thousand were made, either by Studebaker or Altman. The weather was appropriate for a funeral, more of the rain we’ve been getting all spring, so the lighting was not ideal, but the pics came out pretty nicely. It was a beautiful car, the fiberglass panels were mirror smooth and the paint was very good too, so I suspect that the car may have been restored.

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