Look At What I Found!: Hudson Pickup Truck

Click on the image to launch a Flash player an view the entire gallery in your choice of 3D formats or 2D.

The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum is definitely worth a visit. You probably won’t find as many Hudsons, Nashes and Kaiser-Frazers all in one place anywhere else. They also have a display about Tucker including a fiberglass mockup used to film the biopic. In addition, because of the Willow Run assembly plant and the GM Hydramatic plant’s locations near Ypsilanti, the museum also has a nice selection of Corvairs and perhaps an example of every automatic transmission that Hydramatic plant ever built. I’ll be posting more photos from the museum later, but they had a ’47 Hudson pickup truck in the parking lot, complete with Hudson Service decals (the museum is located in the Miller Motors building, site of the last remaining Hudson dealership). How often do you see a Hudson pickup?

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