‘A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver’ – 3D Version

Start the video, then pause and click on the 3D icon in the YouTube player’s menu bar to select between 2D and your choice of 3D formats.

When Audi announced their new short film on their LeMans effort would also have a stereo version, we promised to post it here as soon as it was available. The 3D animation by Tim Marrs is great, particularly of the R18 in on track and nighttime footage, though the 3D animation of driver Allan McNish’s heart and lungs inside his chest might freak you out a bit. Director Chris Hemmings uses 3D to great advantage in his composition and framing of the live action and animation. People loved the original mono version, but once you watch it in stereo, I think you’ll agree with me that Hemmings and Marrs conceived the film with 3D in mind.

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  1. Alex Ingram says:

    Love this advert, ironically enough I saw it for the first time about five minutes after Alan’s shunt during the race…

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