Life Magazine’s Frank Scherschel’s Vintage LeMans Pics

Sixty seven years ago, on June 6, 1944, the largest amphibian invasion every attempted was launched onto the beaches at Normandy. To commemorate that battle to liberate Europe, is publishing rare vintage color photographs taken by photographer Frank Scherschel. His photos document the preparations, invasion and subsequent push inland of the military forces, but also the look of English towns and French villages before and after the invasion. Scherschel went on to a long career, covering the Pacific war, photographing Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth at her wedding, political conventions, and sports. When I saw that he covered LeMans in the 1950s, including shooting Juan Manuel Fangio, I tracked down his racing photos. The black and white photos have a raw quality that reflects well the thrilling and mortally dangerous state of auto racing then.

Scherschel’s photo captions referred to Fangio as “Fangie”.

Sources date these photos to 1953-55.

Maybe our readers can identify some of the cars and drivers.

This photo of Frank Scherschel appear to have been taken while he was covering the war in the Pacific for Life Magazine.

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