Ford’s Ken Block Rally Simulator

Start the video, then click on the 3D button in the menu bar to select 3D or 2D format. You can also select resolution up to 720p HD

At the 2011 NAIAS, a number of manufacturers had video racing games set up in their displays. Racing games and simulators have long been popular at car shows. I remember when I was a kid that AMC, in their red, white and blue racing livery days, had some kind of simulator with 4-speed shifters. Oh well, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The racing simulators are still there, they’re just a bit more realistic.

Honda had Gran Turismo with CR-Zs. There was at least one slot car track and another with R/C cars. During the public days I’m sure those old school toys will be popular but younger folks will still probably gravitate to the video games. Ford had a couple of video racing setups, with pretty elaborate rigs too. One had seats that bounced and bucked according to what was going on on the screen, but at the other end of their display, next to one of Ken Block’s Monster energy drink sponsored rally car, Ford & Monster set up an even more sophisticated racing simulator. Effectively gimballed with a series of hydraulic rams and motors, the simulator responds to both driver inputs and what seems like every simulated bump in the “road”. I suspect that the equipment could simulate flying as well. Just what you need to impress all your gamer friends, though I suspect that the rig costs as much to make as Block’s racing car.

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