In Honor of LeMans Race Weekend: The Cadillac LeMans Motorama Concept From 1953

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Like many of the models sold by General Motors, the Pontiac LeMans had a name that had previously graced a high profile GM show car. The Cadillac LeMans was one of the stars of the 1953 GM Motorama. It looks somewhat like a conventional ’50s Caddy today, but the wraparound windshield and low stance were attention getters in the early 1950s. To get an idea of how low the LeMans is, compare it to the Oldsmobile Fiesta next to it. The Fiesta was a limited edition car that itself had a lower than usual cowl height. I’m not sure if the LeMans was the first use of Dagmars on a Cadillac bumper, but looking at the LeMans in profile it’s easy to understand how those bumperettes got named after the buxom actress. The Cadillac LeMans was photographed at the General Motors Heritage Center.

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