Cars In Depth Has More 3D Pics Of Cars Than Anywhere Else: Over 4,000 Served And Growing!

The nice folks over at 3D Manifesto have graciously given us a link. In their post about Cars In Depth they mentioned that some of our galleries have over 500 3D images. That got me thinking about how many 3D photos of cars we have in total on the site after our first 6 months. Now while we really have only one gallery that large (I think it was Murilee’s post on the Infineon LeMons race) I do know how many photos I typically take at a car show, museum, or other car culture event, as well as how many stereo pairs Murilee sends to me from his shoots because I have to get them aligned and processed for posting as 3D here on the site. Murillee typically sends me between 150 and 250 stereo pairs per LeMons race. Any museum shoot that I do will be at least 100 photos. Car shows of course depend on the number of cars worth shooting but those too can run into the hundreds of pairs. A “Look At What I Found!” will usually have at least a dozen or so images. Of course this is 2011 and we have things like computers and you don’t have to guess about how many files are in a folder. Right now, in the directory on our server where we keep our images and Flash related files, there are 98 folders, each pertaining to one post on the site. Those folders currently hold almost 4600 files. If you’re a regular reader here, you know that we also have stereo video here. Cars In Depth has one of the largest collections of 3D videos of cars and car culture anywhere. Most of those videos are original but some are used with permission from other producers. The same is true with photos. In addition to the original 3D images that Murilee and I shoot, we also sometimes post images by other stereographers whose subject is cars, like Neil Nathanson. So right now there are somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 3D images of cars or relating to car culture. Cars In Depth is not only the first car culture site to highlight cars in 3D, Cars In Depth is now most likely the largest publicly accessible collection of stereo images of cars anywhere.

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