Diary of a Used Car Salesman: Tool of the Trades – The Work Truck

Ugly ain’t it? This Dodge truck looks like it got into a fight . . . and lost. Three front body panels need to be replaced, stat. The ladder rack is as big and surface rusted as a 1970s beater, and the truck has more nicks and scratches than Boy George’s last escort. This would be the type of vehicle most folks would run away from and be ashamed to have on their driveway. Screw ’em. I got a helluva deal.

For starters, it’s a work truck. Most folks who get a genuine work truck keep up with the maintenance and this one was no exception. All the fluids were bright and filled to level, the timing belt change was recent, and there were no codes within the OBD-II. Tires were near-new Michelins and had no tread or camber issues. The interior, leather and all, had simply been sat in instead of beautied up. But everything was working from the six-disc CD changer to the dual climate controls.

It’s got a Hemi. On a 455 mile drive towing vehicles to and fro at the auctions last week, it managed a measly 12 mpg with cars in tow. But seating for six and a twelve thousand pound tow rating means I can pretty much make all my sales a one way trip. Throw in Flowmasters, a leather interior that can seat six, and all the options that can be had on these models (Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy Duty), and we’re talking a Blue Book Value of right around $10K. My price? $2500.

It was a trade-in at a local dealership, at a public sale (very few dealers), and the only other fellow at the lane with me enacted the “King’s rule” policy (I won’t bid if you do). Throw in a good friend who had to get the truck off his books, and I got a truck that can handle all my needs. The old saying that, “People buy with their eyes” is all too true. Fortunately for the frugal and mechanically inclined amongst us, we can ultimately find the ultimate beauty within. This one’s a bitch!

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  1. Scott Kelley says:

    Heckuva’ deal in my never humble or soft-spoken opinion.

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