2011 Eyes on Design: The Beauty and the Beasts

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The 1952 Studebaker coupe, often called the Loewy coupe because it was designed by Robert Bourke, a designer in Raymond Loewy’s studio, is a perennial favorite on lists of the most beautiful cars ever built. Since Studebaker didn’t have enough money to do complete revisions, later in the ’50s the coupe was turned into the Hawk. The coupe’s smooth lines were interrupted by a standup grille, and the Hawk’s long and tall tail fins were almost comical compared to the 1953’s modest fins that follow the body line of the rear deck. If the coupe hadn’t already suffered enough indignity, after the merger with Packard, a new, rather fishy looking face was grafted on to Loewy/Bourke coupe to make the Packard Hawk. I can’t tell if the Packard Hawk is beautiful or hideous. It’s certainly visually arresting.

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