2011 HearseCon in 3D

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At Cars In Depth we’re big tent car enthusiasts. If you want to collect one of a kind Motorama cars like Joe Bortz, that’s great, and if you want to collect Continental Mark IIs owned by the Ford family, that’s cool too. Likewise, whether you’re into rat rods or restored prewar classics, you’re welcome here at CID. That’s why I was glad to see that Murilee attended Hearse Con this weekend in Denver and he sent us these photos. Hearse Con, sponsored by HearseClub.com, is the largest annual meet of hearses and hearse enthusiasts. Unusual “professional” cars (taxis, limos, ambulances, hearses, flower cars) are always of interest to car guys and hearses have that added frisson of the macabre. The hearses ranged from fully restored early 1950s classics to cars are good candidates for a rat rod project to full on art cars. My favorite is the  Of course with a weight approaching 3 tons in some cases, it’s nice to see the less-thank-pristine hearse owners’ haven’t yielded to the temptation of $250/ton scrap steel prices. My personal favorite is the red hearse with black vinyl rood and about 20″ of lift, riding on big off road tires, well, that and any photo with the famous Hearse Girls in it. One interesting thing is that while of course there were a lot of Cadillac based hearses, other brands had their fans in the mortuary set as well, including Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Buicks. Some funeral homes would use those brands for picking up bodies at homes and hospitals, saving the Cadillacs for funerals. In any case, since funeral homes don’t want to look shabby, they often replace their hearses as soon as they look old fashioned. That’s too bad for them but great luck for hearse fans who want to buy a well maintained motorized meat wagon.

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