From Oslo To Los Angeles And (Hopefully) Back In A Pair Of Renault R4s

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Svend Dahle lives in Norway but has a passion for French cars. Seven years ago he drove a Renault R4 from Oslo to Cape Town, South Africa. Now, to celebrate the R4’s 50th birthday, Dahle and his wife and three daughters, along with Trond and Kari Hagen, their two sons, and their son’s girlfriend are driving two 1962 R4s from Oslo to Los Angeles. Well, actually they drove to Gothenborg, shipped the cars to New York alongside a load of new Volvos, and are now driving to Los Angeles. I met them when they got lost in suburban Detroit looking for a campground that their navigation system said was somewhere near my street. The R4s have 747cc, 32hp engines, so they’re not spending a lot of time on the Interstate highways, instead keeping mostly to two lane roads. Since the R4 is a four seater, they’re also bringing along a nice Class C RV, which will come in handy in case their nav system gets it wrong again.

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