Summer of Lincoln Love Weekend @ Cars In Depth

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This is shaping up to be a “Continental” summer. I’ve taken stereo 3D photos of Lincolns and Continentals of varying vintages at car shows, found parked, and at arranged photo shoots. With Lincolns being one of the featured classes at the upcoming Concours d’Elegance of America and with the annual Lincoln Continental Owners Club meet being held in conjunction with the concours, I expect that you will see more classic Ford Motor Co. luxury cars on this site in the weeks ahead. Not long ago Ford made news saying that they were going to spend $1 billion on new Lincoln products. Though critics say that’s not nearly enough money, the saga of Lincoln continues. To celebrate that famed American luxury marque, over the weekend we’ll be posting different vintage Lincolns and Continentals that we’ve seen so far this summer. Note: I see that the Car Lust Blog is covering the iconic 1961 Lincoln Continental. That’s one of the few Lincoln’s we haven’t shot yet, though I expect to see more than a couple of suicide doors at the LCOC meet. You might also want to check out Ate Up With Motor‘s history of that car as well.

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