Morgans Continue To Be Built By Hand From Wood

Note: This video is not stereographic 3D (S3D)

Here’s a video from Autoblog accompanying their first drive of the revived Morgan 3 Wheeler. They visit the Morgan workshops in Malvern, UK where the cars and trikes are still build with hand formed panels over ash wood frames. Ace Cycle Car of Seatlle, Washington in the US has been making replicas under license from Morgan Cars for years. Their success in part inspired Morgan Cars to bring back the trike. In fact, they bought Ace Cycle Car, lock stock and two piece fold down windscreens, and have moved production of the new 3 Wheeler (which has a modern tube frame supporting that classically constructed body) to Malvern. In addition to the M3W, the video takes a look at the Morgan wood shop where ash body frames for the classic Morgan cars are being assembled, and in the metal shop where aluminum panels are hand fitted.

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