Deloreans in Stereo

If John Delorean had gotten royalties from everyone who used one of his cars in a photograph or movie, he never would have had to look into alternative methods for financing his eponymous auto company. Whether factory stock or in full Back To The Future livery, there is no shortage of images of the DMC-12. Apparently the angular gull-winged Giugiaro design is popular with 3D photographers as well. It makes sense, particularly with the gull wing doors open. Here are just a few of the 3D images of the Delorean car that you can find:

Note: While Cars In Depth uses embedded viewers that support a variety of 3D modes for our own original 3D content, when we publish others’ images they may not necessarily be viewable in more than one mode, hence these worthy anaglyphs.

Black Frog Industries sells iPhone apps, including AutoTones that will make your Toyota sound like a Ferrari. They also sell a package of 3D images for your phone, among them these shots (reproduced with permission) of the DMC.

3D Manifesto took this nice 3D shot of Deloreans all in a row at the 2010 Denver Auto Show:

Stereoscopic artist Neil Nathanson applied his art to Deloreans (one from each of the films in the BTTF franchise) on a smaller scale. Nathanson is perhaps the preeminent stereo photographer of cars and has been a consultant to and shot 3D for Mercedes-Benz. Maybe there really is something to 3D and gull wing doors because Neil has some great shots of the Mercedes-Benz SLS. Visit his site, the photos are stunning.  We’ll be doing a more extensive post or two on Neil’s work in the near future. (Photo used with permission).

If you prefer paper to plastic, graphic artist Syoichiro Nishimoto crafted this BTTF DMC-12 entirely out of paper. You can get the plans here.

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