Morgan Three Wheeler @ Goodwood – Can It Handle Or Not?

This video is not in 3D.

I’m enchanted with the new Morgan 3 Wheeler and have been since back when it was still being made by Pete Larsen’s Ace Cycle Cars in Seattle. Larsen was licensed to use the Morgan name but the car was primarily of his own design, with a modern tube space frame and American sourced S&S engines. I’ve been intrigued because way back when I was a boy, my brother and I made a go kart out of some bed frames and a discarded lawn mower engine. We couldn’t afford the bearings and parts for a live axle, so we opted to make a trike, with one wheel in the back, not unlike the M3W’s layout. The first time I took a hard left turn and the inside wheel lifted I learned about the inherent instability of three wheeled vehicles. However, all the reviews and test drives of the new M3W say that it handles like a go-kart, one with four wheels that is. I’ve been going back and forth with Jack Baruth about this. Baruth says that the reviews are in the context of three wheelers. I say no, Jay Leno has some familiarity with cars that can go around corners and he says it’s a blast to drive. You might have seen video of a M3W doing burnout donuts, which are kinda hard to do on a vehicle that wants to flip over. This issue won’t be resolved until Jack gets to drive one. We’ve spoken to Pete Larsen and if Jack can get up to Seattle he’ll be able to test drive an 88ci version of the three wheeler or if he waits till the three currently in production at Ace Cycle Cars are finished, he can drive the car as Morgan will equip them, with the big 1800cc S&S v-twin. I want to agree with Jack but Larsen says that his trikes indeed handle well. Video from the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed seems to side with Larsen. The M3W takes turns flat, with little body roll and no indication of wanting to lift that inner wheel off the pavement.

Here’s some onboard video of the same hillclimb.

This video is not 3D.

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