Iracing at Spa in Skip Barber Formula 2000 with TrackIR in 3D

Start the video and pause. Click on the 3D in the YouTube video player menu bar icon to select 2D or your choice of stereographic 3D format

For review purposes, Tony Gardner, the CEO of iRacing has graciously arranged for Alex Ingram and myself to have accounts on their web site. He wasn’t just being nice, Alex and I are working on two very different kinds of reviews of the iRacing site. I’m a complete noob when it comes to video racing and not much of a gamer. Alex, of course, is a world class sim racer. Alex just moved into a new flat and was waiting for his internet service to get hooked up. I’m working on getting around the skid pad without hitting the wall. In the meantime, here’s some look at iRacing in 3D, on the track at Spa, in a Skip Barber Formula 2000 car. Head tracking and view changing is handled by TrackIR.

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