Tucker: The Man and the Car

Note: This video is not in 3D

Other than car enthusiasts, most people know about Preston Tucker and the Tucker Torpedo from the movie, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, by Francis Coppola. Though not everyone agrees with the historical accuracy of Coppola’s lionizing view of Tucker, the man, it’s a very entertaining movie. Coppola, who personally owns one of the 47 surviving Tuckers and displays it at his vineyard in California’s wine country, clearly is a fan of Tucker and the Tucker car. What’s not well known is that Coppola borrowed the title for his film from Tucker: The Man and the Car, a promotional film that Preston Tucker had made. The title indicates how much of a self-promoter Tucker was. Like most of the Tucker cars, the film also survives. In this case, I found it at the site of custom car builder Rob Ida, who will make you a Tucker replica.

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Note: This video is not in 3D

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