2011 NAIAS: World Premieres BMW 1M Coupe, 6 Series Convertible

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BMW used the occasion of the ’11 NAIAS to take the wraps off the 1M Coupe. Of course they departed from the recent alphanumeric conventions so as not to slight the legendary M1, but BMW claims this is the genuine article, an M in a more affordable size. The only problem is that it’s not that much cheaper than a M3, and since it’s built on a modified 3 Series platform, there’s no lightness advantage so the two cars are pretty much equal in terms of performance.

BMW also premiered the 650i Convertible. While some have criticized its styling, I think that’s just reflecting a lot of enthusiasts’ exasperation with BMW, since the car is not unattractive. It’s an unusual step to introduce the open version before the sedan, but undisguised 6 Series sedans have already been photographed and it’s like that the hardtop will be formally introduced at Geneva or New York later this year.

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