2011 River Classic Car Show – St. Clair, Michigan – 3D Video by Jim Kelly

Start the video, then pause. Click on the 3D icon that will appear in the YouTube video player menu bar and select 2D or your choice of 3D formats.

I stopped to talk to Jim Kelly at the Detroit Makers Faire when I noticed his 3D video rig. We talked about 3D, compared rigs (his video rig is a bit more sophisticated than mine, using a Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam steadicam stabilizer and 2 Sanyo Xacti SH1 cameras) and exchanged business cards, or in Jim’s case he handed me some cheap red/cyan glasses with his YouTube ID, MuchRockness written on one side. That’s very close to how we promoted Cars In Depth at the Chicago Auto Show after we first launched. Jim’s a nice guy, knows a lot about stereographic 3D and he shot a very good 3D video of the 2011 River Classic Car Show along the banks of the St. Clair River in St. Clair, Michigan.

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