Car Tunes: Drive By Truckers – Daddy’s Cup

This video is not Stereo 3D

Popular music, particularly the American musical trinity of blues, country and rock, has had an affinity for fast cars. For most of the past 60 years, Rocket 88, Hot Rod Lincoln, Maybelline, and other songs about cars were part of the soundtrack to car culture. Some even call Ike Turner’s Rocket 88 the first rock ‘n roll song. George Lucas got that spot on in American Graffiti. She took the keys to my Cadillac car, jumped in the Caddy and drove her far, most likely to go party out on the levee with a guy driving a Chevy. Meanwhile that old flattop that keeps groovin’ up slowly on me because the good Lord just won’t see through to givin’ me that Mercedes Benz. Through the magic of YouTube, we can explore the wonderfully fruitful relationship of cars, stars and guitars. Car Tunes, we hope, will be a regular feature on the weekends here at Cars In Depth. If possible, we’ll put a link to the artists over in our Amazon widget in the right column so we’re not completely exploiting the artists. Just so you know, when you buy something at Amazon after linking there from here, we get a small commission that helps keep the lights on at CID.

To start out, ladies and gentlemen, we present the Drive By Truckers and Daddy’s Cup. The DBTs’ many references to cars in their songs make it clear that they are gearheads through and through. We could probably do Car Tunes from just the DBTs for a few months. She ain’t revved until the rods are thrown indeed.

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