Indy Car Weekend: 1965 Watson Wynn’s Special

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3D image to launch a Flash player and view the entire gallery of photos in 2D or your choice of S3D formats.

This is an attractive race car. No wonder. When A.J. Watson built it for Don Branson to drive in the 1965 Indy 500, he got Ford designers Larry Shinoda and Leroy Payne to help with the design. Branson qualified 18th and finished in the top 10 at #8. It was Watson’s first semi-moncoque design and only his second mid-engine Indy car, and represents the period at Indy when Lotus’ upset the front engined, Offenhauser powered apple cart.After a long racing career including 150 races in Argentina, the car was retired in 1972. The current owner bought it in 2000 and started a ten year long restoration and now exhibits it at vintage racing events.


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