Car Tunes: The Beatles – Baby You Can Drive My Car – With Beatles’ Cars

This video is not in stereo 3D

Every Friday, for the start of the weekend we’ll be featuring some kind of car related song. This week, it’s the Beatles’ turn. While John Lennon’s psychedelic painted Rolls Royce Phantom V limousine is probably what most people think about when you say “Beatle car”, all four of the fab guys had notable cars over the years, including Minis, Aston Martins and in the case of George Harrison, a collection of great cars. Paul McCartney composed Hey Jude using a tape recorder he had installed in his Aston Martin DB6. Ringo Starr drove a Mini with a Radford luxury conversion and a custom hatchback so he could load his drum kit. Harrison was a serious motorhead. His own Aston, a 1965 DB5 just sold at auction for a bit more than a half million dollars. Early in his career he insisted that a publicity photo have him at the wheel of a Plymouth convertible and later in life he followed the Formula 1 circus as it traveled the world. Harrison owned two Gordon Murray designs, a McClaren F1, painted in deep purple, that his family still owns, and a Light Company Rocket, a BMW powered track car. To keep things in an automotive vein, the video above features artist Arvin Pestaño digitally speedpainting a ’60s Chevy to the soundtrack of the Beatles’ Baby You Can Drive My Car.

George Harrison’s McClaren F1

More Beatles cars and Beatle car trivia below the jump.

John Lennon took delivery of this Phantom V new, and had it painted matte black, including the grille, before deciding on what is often called a psychedelic paint job, but really is more like what you'd see on a fine piece of porcelain.

Ringo Starr had this Mini upgraded by Radford and modified with a hatch to accommodate his drum kit.

Radford specialized in luxury conversions of Minis

Starr's 2.3 AMG Mercedes

Paul McCartney with his Aston Martin DB6

McCartney had his Aston Martin fitted with a reel to reel tape recorder. Supposedly the lyrics and melody to Hey Jude were first recorded in this car.

Paul's Radford Mini. You can tell it's a Radford conversion by the upgraded instrument panel.


McCartney at the wheel of his Mini

This Mini Cooper, with rally equipment was featured in the Magical Mystery Tour movie. It belonged to George Harrison.

Here's Lennon at the wheel of Harrison's mini in the Magical Mystery Tour

John Lennon's famous "psychedelic" Rolls Royce Phantom V limousine

I think it looks more like 18th century porcelain than 20th century San Francisco

Lennon had a taste for nice cars. This is his Mercedes SL

The first car that John Lennon bought after getting his driver's license was this 1965 Ferrari 330 GT. He didn't keep it very long.

Here's the Rolls before it was repainted. Apparently Lennon anticipated the "murdered out" look by first having the limo painted flat black, including the grille.

George Harrison insisted on using this Plymouth in a publicity shot. George loved American rock n roll and American cars as well. Well, not just American cars.

George Harrison's Aston Martin DB5

In addition to his McClaren F1, Harrison also owned one of Gordon Murray's Light Car Company Rockets

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