2011 Woodward Dream Cruise – De Tomaso Mangusta

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3D image to launch a Flash player and view the entire photo gallery in 2D or your choice of S-3D formats.

Though the popular image of the Woodward Dream Cruise is that it’s all about American muscle cars, that’s far from the reality. While there is plenty of American iron (and aluminum, and fiberglass) at the Cruise, there is are also many cars of interest to foreign car enthusiasts. This car should appeal to both. Like the Pantera that followed it, the De Tomaso Mangusta featured a Ford V8 mounted amidships. This Mangusta has the European style quad headlamps and front end, so it most likely has the 289. Though one of Giugiaro’s more sensuous designs, the Mangusta was a handful to drive with a 32/68 front/back weight bias. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the gull wing engine covers.

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