2011 Woodward Dream Cruise: Authentic Monkeemobile in 3D

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3D image to launch a Flash player and view the entire gallery in 2D or your choice of S-3D formats.

Though I shoot in 3D, I try to avoid what I feel are gimmicky shots. We’re operating a car culture site here, not Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Stewardesses. Still, sometimes you see something that you know is going to look great in 3D. The front end of the Monkeemobile has a lot of what I like to call “dimensional texture”. That’s a fancy way of saying “stuff sticks out”. In the case of the Monkeemobile, there are concave shapes too like the exposed and contoured engine compartment. This is an authentic Monkeemobile, not a replica, and one of two custom Pontiac GTOs made for the television show by famed customizer Dean Jeffries. One car was originally used for shooting the series while the other went on tour as a promotional vehicle, but for the second season of the show both cars ended up being used for filming. This car is the “show car” and has a bit of a controversy about it. A few years ago customizer George Barris acquired this Monkeemobile and did a restomod job on it, bringing it back to show quality but adding in things like video screens that never existed in the 1960s car. He’s also added to some confusion about the car’s origins, taking some credit for Dean Jeffries’ work.  Barris auctioned off this car in 2008, and it was bought for $360,000 by a Michigan collector named Mel, who loves showing the car and his other movie and tv cars and replicas. When the Henry Ford Museum wanted to borrow it for a Cars, Stars & Guitars exhibit, he declined because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to take it to cruises. By the way, that supercharger is a prop. The blown engine was way too fast for Hollywood.

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