Mustang Alley, 8 A.M.



Mustang Alley at 8 a.m.


Understand that you are looking at a very small slice of Mustang Alley which was situated along a five block stretch of Nine Mile Road in Ferndale, Mich.  The Alley began with Ford’s displays just off the intersection of Woodward and Nine Mile Road and then stretched to Hilton Road to the east.  By 8 a.m. this parking lot about three block back from Woodward was already full of (mostly) Shelby GTs.

Organizers were expecting 700 Mustangs representing every generation of the car – yes, even some Mustang IIs.  Later generations were, of course, very well represented as were a large number of Fox body cars.  However, fans of early generations were not disappointed as there were a number of well-preserved or restored examples.


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