The Mustang IIs of Mustang Alley

Mustang IIs in Mustang Alley
A line up of Mustang IIs in Mustang Alley

Though you rarely see them on the hoof anymore, Mustang IIs are still out there and they have a small but loyal following.  I counted five of them in Mustang Alley at the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise yesterday.  That’s more than I can remember seeing in the past five years.

The Mustang II is a much-maligned car and I’m not sure it deserves the derision that is so often cast upon it.  Times were changing and Ford had to move the Mustang away from its previous platform and the Pinto’s seemed to make sense.  It was small and fairly light, handling was probably better than most cars of the era and . . . well, ok, maybe it deserved some of the derision.

It should be remembered that the Mustang II kept the nameplate alive and on the market during those years, giving it unbroken heritage dating back some 47 years now.  Only the Corvette can claim a longer life span. The Camaro and the Challenger cannot.

Of the five IIs that I saw yesterday, the three hatchbacks at the top of this piece were either somewhat rough or had been modified somewhat less than successfully.  But, hey, they’re still on the road.


Mustang II Ghia
Remember the Ghia?

The brown Ghia was definitely a 20-footer.  It looked fairly nice from a distance but was a bit rusted along one side.  The interior, though, was in pretty good shape and it had a manual.  And I’m not sure why it was lurking behind the CVS on Nine Mile Road, must have gotten there late.


Mustang II Cobra

Mustang II Cobra nicely presented

The best of the lot was the Cobra which was displayed in a curb side museum near Woodward Avenue along with some other significant ‘stangs.  The body had been repainted but seemed solid.  Engine compartment was neat and clean and the interior, with its original plaid upholstery, was in great shape.

Glad to see all five of them there.

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  1. Ronnie Schreiber says:

    At the Eyes On Design show, I had the opportunity to speak with Howard Mook, one of that show’s judges and the designer of the Mustang II.

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