Vintage Dealer Slideshow: AMC The Machine

This video is not in stereo 3D

While I was working on the previous post on the AMC The Machine, I came across this instructional slideshow for dealers and their sales staffs on how to market the muscle car to “young people”. Remember, for most of the 1960s AMC’s typical customers were families looking for inexpensive transportation so selling performance was fairly novel for AMC dealers. Actually, the video is a fairly good introduction to the car and its features.

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One Response to Vintage Dealer Slideshow: AMC The Machine

  1. Scott Kelley says:

    Oh lordy, the fun to be had replacing the announcer’s voice with your own…. or the “salesman;s voice.

    Or even better; both!!!!!!!

    “And look at this back seat. The length, ample padding, how wide and flat it is (wink wink). Betty Lou is going out tonight, you know!!!

    After mentioning the horsepower and torque do a BIG burnout while departing the lot and demonstrate the brakes at the end of the already-sought-out back road with a pre-determined 1/4 mile.

    Did the car have some type of “sur-grip” type device? It needs one to be a real contender.

    Anyway… a mid-14 car wasn’t too shabby in the days when even a HUGE engined muscle car often had trouble breaking into the 13s… typically due to woeful traction from the sub-par tires available compared to what is available today.

    Heck, the little Duster with its 340 could whip a big block depending upon driver capability, state of engine tuning, etc.

    Still, groovy film strip.

    Oh, yeah… kids, the “beep” heard tells the film strip operator to advance to the next frame with the differing beep indicating to stop the vinyl record containing the audio.

    And at the end of school we ran off for our factory shift six miles away and pert-near froze to death what with barefoot-in-blizzards walking.

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