eGarage: A Great New Car Culture Site

Ben Abrams, Nic Jimenez and Drew Larrigan have launched eGarage, a new car culture site that in addition to featuring some stunning photography and video work, focuses on people as much as it does on the machines. The eGarage team calls themselves “automotive storytellers”. It’s a great idea because, after all, it’s people who make a culture.

From their About page:

eGarage is the result of years of experience in the Automotive world amongst three very different kinds of enthusiasts. One came from design and marketing, one from real estate and collecting, and one from gaming and photography. What brought us together was a collective dissatisfaction with the way Automotive content is portrayed on the internet.

We’re here to change that.

We believe that it’s time for a new way to look at Automotive. Not just the car itself, but everything that goes along with it. We believe that the people who build the cars are as important as the facilities in which cars are built. We believe that the people who modify, race, show, and collect the cars are just as enthralling as the cars themselves. We believe that this world of Automotive deserves a higher quality viewing medium on the internet. We belong to and believe in car culture. We tell stories that reflect these beliefs. We are storytellers.

To those of you who see the car as something more than a mode of transportation, to those of you who could stand and look at a car for 30 minutes from every angle, to those of you who believe that certain cars have souls and that, if appropriately showcased, a car can bring about emotions just as any other subject matter can, then you have found three best friends at eGarage.


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