Cadillac Sixteens

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3D image to launch a Flash player and view the entire gallery in 2D or your choice of S-3D formats.

Over at Jalopnik, Peter Orosz, their European editor, despairs that Cadillac will ever produce the stunning Ciel concept that debuted at the Pebble Beach concours. That despair is based on his heartbreaking experience with the Cadillac Sixteen, the car Cadillac should have built. The Sixteen was meant to evoke the elegance of the classic 1930s Cadillacs with super smooth V16 engines. Many people think, like Peter and myself, that the Sixteen was the car that Cadillac should have built. Here are some shots of the Sixteen concept that I took at the GM Heritage Center, accompanied by photos of a 1933 Cadillac 7 passenger limousine by Fleetwood and a 1930 Cadillac Sixteen Madame X Club Sedan, also by Fleetwood that sold for $159,000 and $148,500 respectively at the RM St. John’s auction last month.

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