Video: 1914 Model T Depot Hack Crusing on Hines Drive

Start the YouTube video player. Click on the red 3D icon that will appear in the menu bar to select 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats.

Hines Park and Edward Hines Drive exist because of Henry Ford’s Village Industries, about 30 small factories Ford set up either in old mills or on mill sites, so he could use hydroelectric power, one of his interests. Ford owned a great deal of land on the Rouge River’s middle branch, though much of it was bottom land that still floods to this day. Ford donated the land that is now the park to Wayne County in exchange for the county building access roads to his facilities and three dams on the river. Hines Drive goes right past Nankin Mills, Ford’s first Village Industries site and the location of a museum about that particular obsession of Henry Ford’s. This video is of a 1914 Model T depot hack driving past Nankin Mills and then parking in the field just downriver from the mill. This car was most likely used by a hotel to ferry passengers to and from the train station. I don’t know if it’s been restored or not but it’s in great shape. The current owner has owned it for years and it was like this when he got it. The wood is beautiful and may be original as it is very close grained. The owner was giving people rides and both he and his passengers had wide grins. Note that as he turns off the road he retrieves the mechanical “hand” turn signal. Earlier we posted this same Model T getting crank started.

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