Lingenfelter Collection: A Well Thought Collection

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People who follow the car auction scene have a term for a car that’s a good but fair price for both buyer and seller, “well bought”. After visiting Ken Lingenfelter’s car collection the capsule description that I would use is “well thought”.  Though there were many “of course” moments, with exotics and performance cars you’d expect in a collection of this level, each car is unique in its own way. Like Ken told me, “each car has a story”. For example, his Ferrari Enzo is #399 out of 399 built. It was the cars that I didn’t expect, though, that made me think that Mr. Lingenfelter has put a lot of thought into his acquisitions. There are a number of cars in the collection that some enthusiasts or marque purists might disregard as not quite worthy of sharing collection space with cars like the Enzo, F40, Veyron and Porsche Carrera GT. Let’s face it, a Bricklin is an AMC Hornet with a plastic body. Still, the Bricklin is a historically significant car and Lingenfelter’s example is no doubt one of the best Bricklins around. There aren’t many BMWs in the collection. There’s the new M6 convertible that Ken uses as a daily driver, a rare Z8 roadster, and then over in a corner is unexpectedly a M Coupe, just like Ed Niedermeyer’s. The M6 DD and Z8 are in the “of course” category, but I think most people would have expected a M1, a CSI or something else equally rare and desirable, not a M Coupe, though the M Coupe is certainly a desirable car. Likewise, the Bitter sedan and Vector M12 are not particularly important cars in the overall flow of auto history, but they are certainly worthy of note and belong in collections and museums.

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