Lingenfelter Callaways

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At first glance that headline might not make any sense. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is one company that is known for its high performance Corvettes and Callaway is another company famous for it’s high powered and modified Corvettes. Long before he bought LPE from the estate of his late cousin John, Ken Lingenfelter was a huge Corvette fan and the fact that they are more or less direct competitors doesn’t keep him from respecting and admiring Reeves Callaway and his cars. Lingenfelter owns what is one of the most extensive collection of Callaway cars that exists outside of Callaway’s own collection, and the two men have collaborated. In addition to the Callaways, the Corvette part of the Lingenfelter Collection also includes a Pratt & Miller C6RS, a Dick Guldstrand Grand Sport 90 Nassau Roadster, and a Rick Mears Special Edition 1990 Corvette ZR1 with a wide body designed by Larry Shinoda. The Callaway cars include a Callaway Camaro, two C12 coupes, a 1990 Callaway Speedster, a couple of twin turbo C4 based cars, and a C16 Speedster that was the result of the aforementioned collaboration.

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