Car Tunes: Hot Rod Race #5 – The Kid in the Model A

After George Wilson gave the Mercury driver’s perspective in #4, Arkie Shibley brought the song cycle full circle with the point of view of the kid in the hopped up Model A.

Full lyrics after the jump.

(written by Arkie Shibley)
Arkie Shibley – 1951

I’m just the kid from the hot rod race,
the one that the cops wouldn’t even chase.
I didn’t think they’d get so hot,
I’s just drivin’ along in my hopped-up pot.


When I saw two cars on the road ahead,
a-racin’ like mad, to myself I said,
“I’ll have some fun an’ pass ’em by far,
they think they’re so hot in their brand new cars”.

I let her out a little bit more,
I pushed the foot clean to the floor.
“I’ll show those guys who’s in top place,
I’ll really give ’em a hot rod race.

I bent a little further over the wheel,
and felt the floorboard beneath my heel.
I heard the sudden roar of my old exhaust pipe,
I knew right then the race they’d fight.

I rolled up behind ’em an’ give ’em a blast,
to let ’em know I’s about to pass,
but they didn’t budge, and their wild, mad ride,
they stayed ahead an’ was side-by-side.

So I took to the ditch to get by the flight,
I scattered sand to the left and sand to the right.
It didn’t even slow their speed,
my Model-A has what I need.

Now I passed up the guys in that race,
I’ve got us back to a normal pace.
I got her by without a spill,
whoa, boy, it was quite a thrill.

If ya ever get mad at a hot rod kid,
remember the things that once’t you did,
when you were young, carefree and gay,
and had a hopped-up Model-A.

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