Is This the Worst Car Commercial of All Times?

This video is not in stereo 3D

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Over at Autoextremist, Pete DeLorenzo thinks that this new Fiat 500C commercial, which had it broadcast premier during football games this past weekend, is “quite possibly the worst automotive spot of the last decade, hands down.” He calls the ad, which features Jennifer Lopez driving, driving and singing, singing and dancing, “absolutely disastrous”. I’ll go DeLorenzo one step beyond and say that the video is quite possibly the worst automotive spot of all times. I dare you to watch it and not cringe as it makes everyone involved with the ad, Fiat, Chrysler, Lopez, and the people who actually made the commercial, look like idiots.

This trainwreck of an ad and the tie-up with JLo was apparently the brainchild of Chrysler chief Olivier Francois and the first step at rejiggering the 500’s launch. Marketing shop Impatto had been in charge of returning Fiat to American consumers’ consciousness but the agency was fired by Fiat USA in the wake of rumors about a personal relationship between Fiat brand manager Laura Soave and Impatto head Michael D’Antonio.

Pardon the mixed nautical and railroad metaphors but the Fiat 500C launch appears to be a rudderless craft that is rapidly taking on water. Even without the frisson of car biz politics and scandal, this JLo spot is embarrassingly awful. It starts as a crowd of people realize it’s her driving a 500C and they start to chase her, including even a guy on a dirt bike jumping a bus. She drives up on the sidewalk, then back onto the road to apparently escape from the horde. Then she stops, is helped out of the Fiat via the big sunroof by two of her chasers and then stages an impromptu dance routine with her stalkers. My favorite part is the tag line “Life is best when driven” – so why’d she stop driving and start dancing? Small wonder that the 500C is selling less than half of Sergio Marchionne’s predicted 6,600 units a month.

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    • California Bob says:

      You’re absolutely right. In fact, run the sequences in reverse – she starts dancing, the people put her in the car, she drives crazy, but ends with a big smile on her face.
      Send the half-million dollars for my ad work to my paypal account….

  2. Adgirl says:

    This was definitely NOT conceived by Impatto. Get your facts straight.

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