Hood Surfing Quebec Cop

This video is not in stereo 3D

Just coincidentally, a day after we published a post on police officers cruising at taxpayers’ expense, this video from Canada came to our attention showing that cruising isn’t the only thing that cops like to do with their cars. Though police departments across Canada have criticized the practice of “car surfing”, riding on the outside of a moving car, because of a number of fatalities related to the practice, one Quebec Provincial Police officer was caught doing exactly that by motorist Pascal Ricard, who forwarded the video to a news agency. Supposedly the officer’s department at the provincial police are investigating the matter. Some have suggested that the officer in question was taking pictures or video for an accident reconstruction. From the comment threads in the news reports and on YouTube, it appears that there are plenty of people who are willing to rationalize cops acting badly, allowing them to do things that would get us arrested if we tried them.

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