Survivor Series: 1956 Dodge Royal Lancer

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This tri-tone Dodge was at the all Mopar show of the WPC Club’s Great Lakes Region. The ’56 Dodge may have had had history’s largest hood ornament ever. It starts at the car’s nose, spreads out towards the hood’s flanks, and sweeps back to the rear corners of the hood. There, the chrome line is continued diagonally down the fender, and back towards the rear end where it sweeps down to meet the rear bumper. The car is all original, including most of the paint. The hood ornament isn’t he only chrome on the car, of course. The pillarless hardtop Royal Lancer features a chrome band that surrounds the top edge of the window line. Like Cadillacs of the same vintage, the chrome above the door window is engineered to flap open when the door is unlatched, to give the glass clearance. The V shaped emblems on the hood and the tail fins indicate that it’s got V8 power. This car is a genuine survivor. While it might make a great restoration candidate, I think that as an automotive artifact, keeping it as an original survivor might make more sense.

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