Diary of a Used Car Salesman: You’ve Heard of OCD, Here’s ACD


Photo courtesty of Bring A Trailer

I saw the strangest thing not that long ago. Driving down a country highway there appeared to be a tattered old Toyota pickup and a 1990′s Chrysler LHS spread amongst five foot tall weeds. Further peering in resulted in an Escort Wagon, 3 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertibles and 2 Sebrings. I wondered… had Monsanto finally invented some special car seed to plague the Americas? Not yet. Thankfully. Instead it was a fellow used car dealer friend who was literally hiding his compulsions amongst the kudzu. His case may be extreme since he apparently has nearly 30 vehicles strewn throughout his prairie land. But he’s not alone.

Automotive Compulsive Disorder. Laugh if you must. But I know of a Datsunaholic who has nearly 20 vintage Datsuns parked on all four corners of his small Seattle property. They were all free except for one, and they all run. If you so much as mention the word Datsun… forget it. He becomes lost in a world of carbureted inebriation. The same is true for a Ford dealer friend who can’t seem to let go of old Volvos. He has them lined on a remote lot side by side, ready to take on all non-Nordic trade-in’s in a Texas style stare down contest. I know of dozens of cases throughout North Georgia, and even have caught the bug myself a time or two. Have you ever known anyone afflicted with this strain of steel, speed and nostalgia?

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  1. beefmalone says:

    I’ve been addicted to 70s land yachts since my teens. I have 8 Imperials, 3 98s, a deville, an eldo, and a few others. It’s an addiction.

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