Gran Turismo 5 3D Champion Alex Ingram Joins Cars In Depth

(Video is in 2D)

From the outset, at Cars In Depth we wanted to cover the world of video racing. Video games are one of the major forces driving consumer acceptance of 3D and there’s a natural crossover between video racers and our target readers. More important, video racers are car guys (that’s a gender neutral term, ladies) who love cars and motorsports. Many video racers know more about high performance car models that some automotive journalists. I’m sure that even an average video racer knows the layout of the ‘Ring better than I do. From the coverage that upcoming releases of Gran Turismo or Need For Speed get on the big car blogs and the many comments that that coverage gets it’s clear that many car enthusiasts are also video racers.

Like those car blogs we think it’s a topic we need to cover, but we didn’t want just any GT5 fanboy talking about his latest hot lap of Suzuka. Cars In Depth is proud to announce that Alex Ingram, winner of the UK’s Sony Bravia 3D GT5 Gaming Tournament, sponsored by Sony (publishers of the Gran Turismo series) and the HMV retail chain, will be a contributor to our site.

Alex beat out over a thousand competitors to win the 3D GT5 title and a prize package. This wasn’t his first time competing on a high level. Alex was the also the runner up in the 2009 Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy UK Final, just missing out on a Nissan sponsored ride in GT4 in a real 370Z race prepped by RJN motorsports. As one of the two UK finalists he took part in a 5 day racing boot camp which included a series of physical and mental aptitude tests as well as driving instruction and track time in cars and karts. Had he made it to the international finals, Alex would have gotten the intensive driver training needed to qualify for an international racing license and race in GT4.

So not only is Alex one of the world’s best video racers, he’s also got some training and skills out on a real track in a real race car. We’re thrilled that he’s going to be part of the team. Alex will be offering his reviews of racing games, discuss his experiences in tournaments and also, since he’s on the other side of the pond, give us a perspective on cars from a UK and Euro perspective.

Lest you think that Alex spends all his time in front of a video screen trying to shave hundredths off his lap times, he has a real life. He’s a bartender at a club and concert hall in Edinburgh. When not working and playing GT5 on the new 3D Sony Bravia he won racing, Alex likes to draw, play the bass, cook (and eat).

If I can hype our site a bit, we’re trying to do this right and have expert opinions here. Other sites talk about car styling, we have Jason White, who teaches design and styles cars for a living. Other sites talk about track days, Jack Baruth races and teaches track racing. Other sites cover participatory motorsports like the 24 Hours of LeMons series, we have Murilee Martin, who’s an official with LeMons. Other sites may feature used cars they find on eBay or Craigslist, our David McDevitt  and Scott Kelley speak from their work experiences on used car lots, at auctions and in junk yards.

Other sites might talk about video racing, Cars In Depth now has one of the world’s best video racers on our team.

Please join us in giving Alex a warm welcome to Cars In Depth.

Here’s some video of Alex during the finals. Play by play was provided by BBC F1 commentator Jake Humphreys:

(Video is in 2D)

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