Car Tunes: Aretha Franklin Ridin’ on the Freeway of Love in Her Pink Cadillac

This video is not in stereo 3D

Aretha looked and sounded great singing the Star Spangled Banner at the American League Champion Series. For our regular Friday feature of a song or songs having something to do with cars, it’s nice to have the Motor City’s own diva. The 1985 video of her song Freeway of Love includes some great historical footage of Detroit and the auto industry. Featured on the video and the recording is the late, great Clarence Clemons on saxophone – no doubt a nod to Bruce Springsteen along with the “Pink Cadillac” in the lyrics. Aretha’s recording of Freeway of Love took place a couple of years after Springsteen released Pink Cadillac. Actually, the term dates to Elvis Presley’s “Let’s Play House” and is said to be a sexual reference to a woman’s private parts. Later, Aretha herself recorded a version of Bruce’s song.

This video is not in stereo 3D

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