Found By The Side Of The Road: Fire truck for sale

Ephraim fire truck

Nice price or cra- . . . oops, wrong Web site

Filled as it is with cherry orchards, wineries and doily shops, you wouldn’t think Door County, Wis., would have much to offer the car enthusiast and yet on each of my trips up here I have managed to find something worth writing home about.  This trip is no exception, starting with a fire truck that’s for sale.

Door County is one of Wisconsin’s most popular tourist destinations.  Barely 50 miles long (not including Washington Island off its tip) it boasts nearly 300 miles of shoreline with Lake Michigan on one side and Green Bay on the other.  State highways 42 and 57 run along either side of the peninsula and are dotted with charming little villages that have given rise to the county’s nickname: Cape Cod of the midwest.


Ephraim fire truck

No rust and lots of tread left on those tires.

One such village, Ephraim (pop. 288), is retiring this 1982 Chevrolet-chassis fire truck.  With a gasoline engine of unspecified displacement and showing just over 11,000 miles, it is equipped with a 750 GPM pump and an 850 gallon water tank.  (Hmmm, that means that it could pump its own tank dry is just 68 seconds.)  Also included in the sale are a 14-foot roof ladder, a 24-foot extension ladder, two lengths of 4-1/2 inch suction hose and various 4-1/2 inch fittings.


Ephraim fire truck

Those hoses are included in the sale.

Sealed bids may be submitted to the Village of Ephraim, P.O. Box 138, Ephraim, Wis. 54211. Minimum bid is $5000.


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