Antique Auto Advertising: Ford Motion Picture Laboratories – A Silent Film Tour Through The Rouge Complex

From 1913 until 1933, Ford produced its own promotional and instructional films with Ford Motion Picture Laboratories. Here’s a silent film promoting the huge Rouge complex. From the looks of the station hacks showing a group of people arriving for a tour of the plant, I’d say it was made sometime in the late 1920s.

Transcript of the titles below the jump.

United States of America.

Intertitle reads: “The Administration Building”. Exterior shots of Ford office building.
Intertitle reads: ” The Rouge Plants have an area of 1096 acres, 14 miles of roadways, 92 miles of railroad track and 1 1/3 miles of docks.” Lots of Aerial views over the massive car production plant. An electric locomotive brings a good trains along the tracks.
Intertitle reads: “To the right are the Steel Rolling Mill, Blooming Mill and Open Hearth Furnace.” Shots of the ext. of these massive industrial buildings.
Intertitle reads: “To the left you see the Pressed Steel, Spring and Upset buildings and Glass Plant.” Various shots of the buildings. Shots of the dock area with large cranes.
Intertitle reads: “To the left you are passing the Foundry Building and the the right the Blast Furnaces.” Shots of the furnace stacks.
Intertitle reads: “Everybody out please. Here is the main Power House which furnishes 150,000 horse power.” People get off the tour bus. Ext. views power generation building.
Intertitle reads: “You are now looking at the enormous turbines used to generate power for the plants’ operations.” Good views of the turbines in the power station.
Intertitle: “This is the switchboard – one of the largest in the world.” Large control room.
Intertitle reads: “For converting ore into iron in the blast furnaces, coke is used. Here are the Coke Ovens.” A group of people have gathered outside the coke ovens.
Intertitle reads: “More than 3,750 tons of coke are produced daily from coal brought on Ford owned ships from Ford owned mines.” Massive heaps of coal. Coal / coke hoppers. Coke comes out of the ovens and is cooled. Steam comes out of large chimney. Coke on conveyor belts.

United States of America.
Intertitle reads: “During the process of making coke; tar, gas, ammonia, oils and fertilizer are produced in the By-Product Plant.” Pan across Ford Motor Companies by-products plant at the Rouge site. Shots of this large industrial site.
Intertitle reads: “Tons of fertilizer, (Ammonium Sulphate) are made daily.” Fertiliser comes down pipe into large wheel barrow. Large vault full of fertilizer. Good shots of men filling and sealing fertiliser bags.
Intertitle: “Here is where coal, limestone and ore are stored.” Large vaults and hoppers.
Intertitle reads: “These bins have a capacity of 2,000,000 tons.” Grabber lifts limestone.
Intertitle reads: “The Ford Motor Company goes right to Mother Earth for its materials in the form of coal and iron from Company owned mines.” Various shots of coal mining. A steam train carries a massive load of coal away. The coal arrives at the plant.
Intertitle reads: “The basis for the automobile is iron.” Shots of ore mine in snow. Shots of Ford ship carrying iron ore. Massive grabber lifts ore from ships hold. Storage of ore.
Intertitle reads: “The Rouge Plants have two blast furnaces.” Ext shots of blast furnaces.
Intertitle reads: “The slag is run off first.” Molten slag is run off into crucibles which are carried away on railway trucks.
Intertitle reads: “Nothing is wasted, so the slag is used for road building and making cement.” The still molten slag is poured on to a pile. A large grabber loads the slag into a railway truck. The slag is used in road making.
Intertitle reads: “More than 2,000 barrels of cement are made daily.” Cement being bagged.
Intertitle reads: “1,000 tons of iron are made daily.” Good shots of molten iron in foundry.
Intertitle: “Some of the molten metal is made into pig iron.” Iron poured out into moulds.
Title reads: “End of Part One.”

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