Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum – Factory Showroom

Start the YouTube 3D video player. Click on the red 3D icon that will appear in the menu bar to select 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, a tribute to what are probably the finest American cars ever made, and to the people who made them, is located in the former Auburn headquarters. The building features a beautiful art deco showroom, where dealers could see new models and prototypes. Errett Lobban Cord was an outstanding salesman and businessman whose success at selling Auburns convinced the board of directors of the somewhat moribund luxury car company to give him the reins in 1924. By 1928, he controlled Auburn. A year later he created the Cord Corporation to consolidate the over 150 different companies he controlled, including Auburn, Duesenberg, the new Cord company, Lycoming Engines, Stinson Aircraft, New York Shipbuilding and American Airways, which later became American Airlines. For a while he controlled Checker Motors and Checker Cab. This video has Auburns, Duesenbergs and Cords, including the majestic Cord E-1 prototype V12 limousine.

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