Chevrolet Centennial: Chrome Heartbeat Shining

Billy Durant and his partners incorporated Chevrolet Motor Co. 100 years ago this month. Chromeography is a very cool web site devoted to vintage automotive and appliance badging. To celebrate Chevy’s centennial, designer Christian Annyas went through Chromeography’s collection and put together about a half century of Chevrolet chromed strip lettering. My day job is running a small embroidery shop so I work with lettering every day. The lettering that Chevy has used is outstanding work, instantly identiable, iconic in the true sense of the word. They reflect the aesthetic sense of their eras – but then they also helped define those eras’ aesthetic senses. Of course, like the rest of the cars, even the badging on Chevy cars was designed by GM Styling, a deep well of talent. A number of the scripts are based on the same basic cursive font, but it’s interesting to see how the Chevy designers changed it slightly, based on which model was being designated.

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