Abarth Fiat 500 Announced For US

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Fiat is hoping that the 160 HP Abarth version of its Fiat 500 will spur sales of the 500, the first Fiat to be sold in the US in decades and the start of what is supposed to be an expanded Fiat presence in the US. So far sales of the 500 in the US have lagged behind hoped for levels. To welcome the new scorpion clad Fiat to our shores, here are some pics of a vintage Abarth Fiat that I took last summer during the Woodward Dream Cruise festivities. For advertising purposes it’s been wrapped in the livery of BP, the brand of gas being sold at the station where it was on display. It appears to be a genuine Abarth, or at least has the right badging, along with a fiberglass front fascia and air dam and a Porsche style whale-tail engine cover.

2012 Abarth Fiat 500

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