Everyone Likes Slot Cars – Even Racing Champions

I don’t expect that Justin Bell’s new webcast for eBaymotors, the World’s Fastest Car Show, to savage automakers and journalists alike in Baruthian fashion. Justin’s show is there to help eBay sell cars. Still, I think that that short 7-10 minute episodes are entertaining and informative. In a way they remind me of Jay Leno’s Garage videos: a knowledgeable car guy with good TV chops makes an entertaining video that even serious car guys can enjoy. I was at Justin’s Facebook page to ask him if he’s going to be shooting at the NAIAS in Detroit in January and noticed that he’d posted a black and white photo of Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney racing slot cars. Justin Gurney commented on the photo and said that it was taken at an Ed Sullivan Show. Searching around, I found another photo of the the same four drivers racing slot cars. At first I thought it was from the same event, but they’re dressed differently and if you notice, one track has two lanes and in the other photo the track has four slots. Perhaps this was some kind of competition these men renewed at different venues.

Either way, it’s interesting to see the looks on their faces. Hill is bemusedly smiling in both photos, obviously enjoying himself. In one photo Stewart is concentrating and in the other he’s laughing. Moss looks like he’s doing the same, only with the photos switched. Gurney, though, in both photos is obviously not playing a game. He’s concentrating deeply on the track action. My guess is that Mr. Gurney doesn’t like to lose even when racing model cars.

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