Two Expert Perspectives on Chevy Volt Fires and Hybrid Car Safety

After reports of a North Carolina house fire that burned a Chevy Volt and a fire that broke out in a crash tested Volt at a NHTSA facility, the safety of hybrids and EVS has become an issue. MGS Tech is a business that provides training to firefighters, EMTs and other first responders on how to safely manage accidents involving hybrid and other new technology vehicles. The founders of MSG Tech, Matt Stroud and Paul Bindon, are both master car mechanics with extensive training on and experience with hybrid cars. In a post on they reviewed the safety of hybrid and electric cars and compared them to conventional combustion powered vehicles.

Their conclusion?

HID headlights, gasoline, and diesel fuels are a much more likely cause for a car fire after an accident than a high-voltage battery. Electric and hybrid vehicles are at no increased risk. We have confidence that the manufacturers of these excellently engineered vehicles will come up with an executable and reasonable response plan to deal with any battery issues. Chicken Little can rest easy tonight knowing that the sky is not falling.

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