Antique Auto Advertising: Peg Leg Pedro the Pirate Pitches Chevys

The Jam Handy Organization studios in Detroit were the equal of just about anything in Hollywood outside of the huge major studios. At its peak JHO employed two full orchestras just for soundtrack use and had a number of soundstages. In particular, they hired good talent. People find the vintage Chevy cartoons entertaining but they don’t realize that Handy hired top shelf artists like cartoonist Rube Goldberg and animator and director Max Fleischer. I don’t know if Fleischer worked on Peg Leg Pedro or not, but the young female protagonist in this cartoon has a bit of Betty Boop about her. The ending implausibly tacks a 1938 Chevy into a pirate story but that only emphasizes the fact that many of the JHO shorts were meant to entertain as much as they were meant to sell cars.

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