Survivor Series: 1976 Mustang II Ghia

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The Mustang II gets no respect, but as Ford designer Howard Mook, who penned the downsized Mustang based on the Pinto platform, likes to point out, Ford sold more Mustangs in the first year of the Mustang II than in 1966. The Mustang II was a sales success and a major reason why the car has stayed in production for over four decades. This blue Mustang II Ghia has been owned by a single family since new and is in beautiful shape, inside and out. They don’t care what people think, they love their Mustang II. Other than the aluminum wheels with wide rubber in the back, some engine work and traction bars for the drag strip, the car is all original. The Ghia appellation is sometimes thought to be the nadir of Mustang performance, a badge and landau vinyl roof supposedly denoting luxury on a tarted up Pinto labeled with a performance brand. Between the 302 V8 and the drag racing equipment, though, my guess is that this Mustang II gets down the line in a hurry.

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