Survivor Series: 1967 Mercury Cougar

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When Ford introduced the Mercury Cougar in 1967, to give Mercury dealers a contestant in the pony car wars, they were careful not to cannibalize sales from the Ford Mustang, on which the Cougar was based. Though mechanically similar, the Cougar got a longer wheelbase than the Mustang, completely unique sheetmetal, a more luxurious interior and of course a higher price. While the ’67 Mustang is perhaps my favorite Mustang, I’ve always felt that the first generation Cougar was a bit better executed and more integrated design than its Ford sibling, with sleeker lines. As pretty as the 1st gen Cougar was, the second generation car is garish and awkward. This light brown ’67 Cougar was at the Mid-Michigan Mustang Club’s all-Ford annual meet. It’s not perfect, the interior is worn, but it’s clean and solid, with original paint and original white vinyl roof. I think it looks great. The Cougar sold well the first year, over 150,000 units, but that was less than a third of Mustang sales, so you’re far more like to find a Mustang at a car show than a Cougar. Actually, there were more Torinos at this show than Cougars. So first year Cougars are not too common in the first place, but to find one that’s in original unmolested shape is indeed a rare find.

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